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LaserLights is an innovative lighting solution that is gaining popularity in a variety of industries. Let’s explore the history of this technology, its applications, and the benefits of LaserLights.

History of LaserLights

Dr. Shuji Nakamura invented the blue LED in 1994. This innovation revolutionized lighting. Dr. Nakamura saw further potential in laser technology, focusing on the development of LaserLight.

What Is LaserLight?

LaserLight uses laser diodes to emit highly concentrated beams of light. Through fiber optics, these beams are directed onto a phosphor material, which converts the laser’s monochromatic light into broad-spectrum white light.

LaserLight comes in three main types:

SMD (Surface-Mounted Device)

The world’s first high-luminance white LaserLight source delivers 100 times the luminance of LEDs, making it ideal for applications that require ultra-long beam distances, narrow beam angles, and small optic sizes.


Fiber LaserLight features safe, high-efficiency fiber delivery of incoherent, broad-spectrum white light.


The Blue LaserLight is a revolutionary Gallium Nitride (GaN) blue laser with a compact form factor, perfect for single-emitter packages or integration into multi-chip modules.

Applications of LaserLights

LaserLight technology has a wide range of applications. It can be used in high-precision environments that require focused, bright lighting. LaserLight also enhances the quality and efficiency of displays and automotive lighting systems. Further, it provides vibrant and dynamic lighting solutions for entertainment venues and architectural designs. LaserLight technology can also be used in street and stadium lighting.

The Advantages of LaserLights

Let’s explore why LaserLight is the perfect lighting solution for your company:

  • High Efficiency and Luminance: LaserLight sources deliver significantly higher luminance compared to LEDs, making them suitable for applications requiring intense brightness and precision.
  • Long Beam Distance and Narrow Beam Angles: The ability to project light over long distances with narrow beam angles makes LaserLight ideal for focused and directional lighting needs.
  • Reduced Maintenance: The separation of the light source from the laser module and electronics reduces maintenance requirements, especially in hard-to-reach areas like street lights and stadium lights.
  • Compact and Flexible Design: The miniature form factor of LaserLight components allows for versatile design integration, accommodating various applications and space constraints.
  • Reliability: LaserLight technology ensures reliable operation, particularly in environments where consistent and robust lighting is needed.

Why Should You Choose Kyocera AVX’s LaserLights?

Kyocera AVX’s LaserLights have been evaluated according to the requirements of UL 8750, the standard for LED equipment for LED lighting. This certification ensures high safety and performance standards.

At the request of KYOCERA SLD Laser, UL performed testing per IEC TR 62778:2014 to assess risk group (RG) levels for blue light hazards.

With the results of these evaluations, KYOCERA SLD Laser has identified specific construction and performance characteristics for the LaserLight product line. This makes it easier for OEMs to integrate these components into lighting products and systems, reducing the need for extensive end-product testing.

Choosing Kyocera AVX’s LaserLights means opting for certified safety, reliability, and ease of integration, ensuring your lighting solutions are both cutting-edge and dependable. At Techni-Source Corporation, we are proud to offer Kyocera AVX’s LaserLights. Contact us today for a consultation about any of our other products or services.

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