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The demand for better, brighter, and more efficient lighting solutions is constantly rising. In this quest for illumination, lasers have emerged as a revolutionary choice. Kyocera SLD’s pioneering work in developing LaserLight has propelled laser light technology to new heights.

Read on to understand why LaserLight can be a game changer in various industries.

A Brighter Tomorrow

LaserLight is one of the most versatile and powerful technologies currently in use. They offer various advantages over other sources, including the following:

  • Brightness: The luminance capacity of laser lights is over 100 times that of LEDs. This exceptional brightness makes them the go-to choice for applications where high visibility is not just desired but essential. Whether it’s brilliant stage lighting or intense outdoor illumination, laser lights rise to the occasion.
  • Directionality: Lasers are masters of directionality. They produce a highly focused and directional beam of light with precise control. This property is invaluable in applications where there is a need to focus energy on a specific target, such as laser cutting or medical procedures.
  • Coherence: Lasers emit coherent light, meaning all light waves are in phase. This makes lasers ideal for applications like interferometry, where precise measurements are essential, and holography, which brings 3D imaging to life.

A Versatile Solution

LaserLight can fit a wide range of applications. The following are some key areas where they make a significant impact:

1.   Lighting

LaserLight is revolutionizing spatially dynamic lighting systems for smart cities and cars. It’s also a key player in high-speed LiFi data communication. Options include:

  • Compact Spotlights: Small yet powerful, these offer long-range illumination.
  • High-Angle Illumination: Achieve unique lighting effects with ultra-short throw beams.
  • Glare-Free Patterns: LaserLight creates sharp gradients for clean patterns.

2.   Automotives

LaserLight automotive headlight modules provide superior visibility in low light. Drivers can see ten times farther, resulting in safer roads. LaserLight technology offers design freedom by reducing the size and weight of lighting systems without compromising style. It can also reduce glare for other drivers.

3.   Display

LaserLight outperforms lamp/LED projectors because they are brighter, high-contrast, and energy-efficient in nature. Their small size and efficiency are also driving innovations in Head-Up Displays (HUD), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) applications. In addition, LaserLight is an excellent addition to pocket-sized micro-projectors, delivering immersive experiences with vivid colors and enhanced brightness.

Why Kyocera LaserLight?

Safety is paramount in lighting technology, and Kyocera SLD Laser’s commitment to LaserLight safety is groundbreaking. Their LaserLight SMD product line has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining UL certification for the solid-state lighting safety standard ANSI/UL 8750.

The company has also pinpointed specific construction and performance characteristics for LaserLight. This crucial information helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seamlessly integrate the technology. They can simplify the process of incorporating these components into their lighting products and systems.

If you’re looking for a revolutionary light source for your product, you can reach out to Techni-Source Corporation. We are responsible for selling Kyocera LaserLight in the  Arizona, New Mexico & Las Vegas Nevada border region. Contact us today to learn more!

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