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Are you planning to go wireless? Then you need an antenna. With many antenna suppliers available, you might find yourself wondering which brand to choose. It’s essential that you choose a reliable supplier who would be able to satisfy your needs. 

In this blog, we are going to take a closer look at the top reasons why you should go wireless with a Kyocera-AVX Antenna.

About Kyocera-AVX

Kyocera-AVX is a leading supplier of active and passive antenna solutions for industrial, commercial, automotive, and medical applications. Kyocera-AVX antennas provide enhanced throughput speed, spectral efficiency, reliability, and performance.


Kyocera-AVX antennas are designed for a wide array of applications. Some examples include industrial applications, as well as automotive and lighting applications. Whether the antenna is embedded, internal, external, or outdoor, Kyocera-AVX makes sure to provide state-of-the-art technology.

Development Process

The thorough antenna development process includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Consultation during which your electrical/mechanical performance requirements are confirmed. Recommendations on antenna technology, placement, and orientation are provided.
  • Step 2: Design process when you get to choose whether you want a standard or custom, active or passive antenna.
  • Step 3: The prototyping process uses the following prototyping tools: 3D printers, LPKF machines, and fully equipped workshops to create mock-ups.
  • Step 4: Test and optimization are conducted via the available tests: VNA & Anechoic Chamber Testing, Octobox Chamber Measurements, Device Simulation, Test House Measurements, Benchmark Testing, and Competitive Analysis.
  • Step 5: Manufacturing of the antenna.

Types of Antennas

Passive Antennas

At Techni-Source Corporation, we have passive antennas available in standard and custom configurations. Passive antennas are available in a wide variety of materials. This makes the process of antenna integration easier. 

Kyocera-AVX’s passive antennas establish benchmarks for speed, range, efficiency, and reliability across a range of applications, from mobile phones to Wi-Fi and more. Kyocera-AVX has shipped billions of antennas to leading wireless handset and device manufacturers worldwide.

Active Antennas

At Techni-Source Corporation, we offer a Kyocera-AVX Active Steering™ antenna systems portfolio that greatly improves wireless connectivity. The patented technology continually optimizes the antenna’s direction in real-time on a per-millisecond basis. With multiple radiation patterns created around the same antenna, the technology then selects the ideal pattern to hit a targeted device with the best signal.

Along with Active Steering™ Technology, Kyocera-AVX also offers patented RF Band Switching Technology. This one is ideal for harsh environments where the original bandwidth is significantly reduced due to outside conditions.

With connectivity being essential in today’s digital world, devices require a strong signal strength to enable a smooth workflow for you and your co-workers. It is important to approach the process of antenna integration thoughtfully no matter whether you pick a standard or a highly customized solution. 

If you are looking for state-of-the-art antenna technology, look no further than high-quality Kyocera-AVX antennas. At Techni-Source Corporation, we are proud to be responsible for the sale of their products. Contact us today if you would like a consultation on which type of antenna would best suit your needs.

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